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08-03-2011, 10:42 AM
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Originally Posted by PredsV82 View Post
But this team and ownership arent committed to the kind of wild and crazy moves you see teams with loads of cash throwing around. Most of the time teams that swing for the fences like that DONT end up getting the result they planned for.
It's easy to say that, but when you see competing teams add the very talent that you think the Preds should add using pieces that the Preds have at their disposal, it can cause issues. I think those trades showed to Weber that there is talent out there to be had. Rightly or wrongly, the Preds haven't made a move for that type of talent.

The Preds are going from a midpoint team to what appears to be a floor team. Poile can make the rational argument that Carter/Richards either make too much relative to their performance or cost too much to acquire from an asset standpoint, but would you listen if you were deciding where you'd be for the next 5-7 years?

It's easy to project out that the Preds will make moves. I personally think that Poile wants to make a deal, he just hasn't found one he likes. But how much indication has Weber had that the team will push to become a Cup contender? You've got Suter and Rinne as pending UFAs with no clear timeline in place for locking them up and a roster that cannot be asked to realistically compete for the Cup.

I want to believe the Preds will move to a Cup contender. And I think Weber does as well. But if I was in Weber's shoes, I'd want a little more than nice words before I lock my prime up to the Preds.

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