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08-03-2011, 09:46 AM
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I would have rather seen Hunter stuffed in the minors and White playing in NJ, though the decision to buyout Hunter can also be understood.

However, buying out White, an 11 year NJ Devil Veteran drafted by the team, played his whole career with the team, and only had one year left, just doesn't make any sense. It's just a poor move by the organization to treat a player like that. It's almost personal, like Zach Parise didn't like him or something and it was a condition of his resigning, I don't know. Hopefully, for NJ's sake, it's leading to a bigger move like the Scott Hannan like I suggested earlier.

Still to disrespect a long term vet, other players take note, when making the decision to stick around with a franchise, this is how much NJ cares about their 11 year vets who were 3rd in TOT EV Minutes last year on defense. Not cool.

Originally Posted by NFITO View Post
How exactly are you stomping on my "Lou theory" by suggesting he's the GM of a team with a poor drafting record for 7 years? Isn't it the GM's responsibility to rectify that problem? And if it's gone on for that many years, how is it not his fault?

I dare you to find a GM who's team has had a bad drafting record for 10 years who wasn't considered a bad GM?

If the Devils' drafting was so bad, then Lou needs to shoulder the blame. As you said you don't cover up bad drafting by filling your roster with FA moves - a recipe for disaster and directly results in poor cap management, which is exactly what we're seeing.

If you want to "stomp on my Lou theory" best not to use reasons which make the GM look even worse.
What you say is exactly true and if you want proof of it all you have to do is look at the NY Rangers. They drafted horrible early on in Glen Sather's tenure and as a result he reacted with some of the worst free agent signings ever. Gone now are Tom Renney and Don Maloney advising on those drafting decisions and in are Gordie Clark, Jeff Gorton, Jim Schoeneld. Drafting has improved outrageously since 2005 and as the prospect pool and the Rangers' ability to develop internally has improved Glen Sather's horrid free agent spending the past two seasons has not happened.

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