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08-03-2011, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by TonyTheGr8 View Post, this IS a tough crowd!! Sorry made the mistake of challenging the fans imagination..oh nos!!

I, on the other hand, completely see the comparison you were trying to wasn't about the players, it was about the situation..maybe oughta put down the crack pipe and see that before jumping down your throat, eh?

Anyway..without getting to crazy, this team that Richards is coming to isn't anywhere CLOSE to the team Messier came to in 1991. And Richards isn't anywhere CLOSE to the player Messier was. And we don't have a Leech, or a Zubov or anything like that. We get it people. Does that mean that Richards isn't the start of the opening of the "window" to serious Stanley Cup contention? If anyone says it's not, they haven't watched the way this team has developed the last few years.

I've said it before, I'll say it again. We have a nice young core, a top 5 goalie and a very good defense all in place. Richards was needed for this team to take the "next step". We have him. More is needed. We are not legit contenders yet, but we are very close. We do the right things, and don't have any set backs in development, we will be SERIOUS threats come next year and the year after. Our "window" in my opinion is now OPEN.
Yeah, well, this site doesn't scare me. You should see my debates in the comments section of some political sites. Now that gets interesting! Hockey fans don't scare me.

I'm glad to see some of you get it, and have enjoyed your points!

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