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Originally Posted by SarahRomance View Post
Name: Sarah

Age: 26

Location: Currently in Minneapolis, MN

Current Occupation: Wire Associate for RBC Wealth Management

Sabres Fan Since: I was born, I don't think my Dad gave me a choice

Season Ticket Holder? (Y/N): No, my Dad was but we moved to Boston when I was 2.

All Time Favorite Sabres: Dominik Hasek, I am a goalie girl.

Current Favorite Sabres: Ryan Miller (see above) Paul Gaustad, Drew Stafford.

Favorite Sabres Moment: I think it would probably be in the middle of the 2005-2006 season. My Father and I had a rough time when I was 13 til I was 21, lots of harsh words and rebellion. Rebellion in a hockey household means you pick a team your parents hate and you follow them with gusto. The Devils were my rebellion team, I watched them 2 Stanley Cups and relished the fact "my" team was better than my Dads. Around 19, my Dad's health issues increased and his attitude towards the things that made him happy changed completely. I thought my Dad no longer cared about anything, until the middle of that 2005-2006 season...While home and watching a Devils vs Sabres game, The Sabres scored. I turned around thinking I heard a slight noise of excitiment, my Dad's face was completely placid. Then again they score, I turn and see my Dad mid fist pump. Its something you can't exactly explain, the moment you see hope in something you thought you had lost. From that point on all we could talk about was hockey together, and out of that I began to follow my "Home Team" and since made several trips back to Buffalo for games. So, I guess my favorite Sabres moment was when they glued my relationship with my Dad back together and renewed my love for the team I was born to love.

Sabres Jerseys You Own: 2 Slugo with Miller and Campbell ( ) One blank, Miller, Gaustad, Stafford.

Team You Hate Most: Rangers, Flyers, Leafs.

Favorite Musical Artists: Muse, Every Time I Die, Iron and Wine, Alkaline Trio.

Favorite Movies: Slapshot, Anchorman, Velvet Goldmine.
-Great story and welcome aboard.

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