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Originally Posted by ATLhockey437 View Post
Anticipate where the puck is going to be played to, the better you get at reading the flow of the game. The easier this trait will become for you. Thus will lead to positioning yourself better so you don't feel rushed.

I've played defense my whole life so it helps that I have only seen the game from a QB perspective.

But it's absolutely key to learn your teammates style of play and the way they cycle in any of the zones. Always be thinking a step ahead in memorizing the previous passes made and where the said passers will be skating to be potentially open.

Always take a quick screen shot in your head of where your teammates are at if you know the puck is going to be played to you. This will help you develop chemistry in that you have a good idea of where they're going to be by the time you have to release the puck.
I'd agree with your post for players who are playing with guys who played organized hockey growing up.

I've always played D and have spared for some lesser teams as the ringer D with guys who are newer to the sport or only picked it up as adults (which I believe the OP falls into this category) and it is extremely hard to play in a system and let the play develop because most guys are so unpredictable at that level and don't know how to play in a system and find dead spots, stand in one area where they are completely covered by 2 or 3 guys, etc.

The 2 simplest piece of advice I could give to D at that level are: 1. always make your clearings/transition passes hard because even if they get intercepted the other teams player will most likely fumble it if its hard enough which will buy you and your team time to try and recover and 2. learn how to bank passes off the boards so that it hits your players sticks because players at that level generally group up in the middle of the ice in there defensive zone coverage opening up lanes for your forward to carry the puck in along the side

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