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Originally Posted by JOKER 192 View Post
First of all I have already said I think he's good,but hereis an interseting question ,do you think he would have played those minutes on let's say the Bruins team,I would doubt it,I would think CJ would have very little patience for his kind,and let us not forget . He got his minues by default ,because of injuries rather than actual merit.If you choose to see this opinion as boring ,well that is your porogative but it doesn't make it false. I also noticed no one touched Thomas one .
What's to say about Thomas? I haven't written anything about him before, so I have nothing to say.

I think Subban would play big minutes in Boston, and would have made the Kaberle trade unnecessary. On a defense group that lacks some mobility, I think Subban is quite easily ahead of Boychuk, McQuaid, Ference, and whoever else (Kaberle, Kampfer). That puts him in the top 3.

At this point, you're speculating ("injuries! Other teams!") and that's not evidence. We're looking at what he's done here. As far as finding your opinion boring: that's not personal. Any opinion stated without any evidence, thought or substantiation is boring because it doesn't tell us anything. The purpose of a discussion is to bring something new to the table; that's what makes it interesting. Absent that, it's a circular discussion and mind-numbing. So, again, not personal.

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