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08-03-2011, 08:25 PM
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Originally Posted by matCH penalty View Post
What, skilled players?

Unless you're saying "borderline pests who polarize other teams", in which case you're being ridiculous. Because I can remember a certain nose on skates who seemed to get plenty of ice time with you, and I hear the same stuff about him as I do about P.K.

A team lightly utilizes a rookie, lightly easing him into NHL minutes in his first full season until he's required to play bigger minutes due to injuries? I knew Martin had some wacky concepts, but this is crazy!

If you can't clearly see that he earned his spot on the 11-12 roster based on his stellar performance last season, then you're not capable of making a reasonable judgment about it. Period. His performance was excellent, which is an empirical fact beyond opinion.
I can't really say what I think Subban is here ,last time I did that I was banned for a month so lesson learned,I won't take the bait but moving on ,a team uses a rookie like u say usually unless thier top two are injured.To finish if I don't agree with your opinion that doesn't make me incapable of reasonable judgement ,I wouldn't have him on the Bruins for all the tea in China ,if he was ever traded to the Bruins (thank god that won't happen )I would honestly turn my back on the bruins the only team I have ever cheered for,but that would break the camels back.

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