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08-03-2011, 11:51 PM
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Originally Posted by SgtJoseph View Post
I will take Mr Snider, Homer and Clarkie over 98% of the rest of NHL teams management.....They are certainly not perfect, and the dirty little secret is NOBODY can 100% predict how any trade will effect a team because of all kinds of unknowns such as nagging injuries, mental stress issues like divorce, sick family member etc, etc.
Its possible the new players may gel quickly and the Flyers may have another great season, and Ritchie and Carter may also play well for their new clubs.
Goalies are as unpredictable as anything can be,,,,,Bryz may be the Bomb, or he may melt down and cave to the pressure of playing goal in Philly ?Its a tough gig all the way around.....But the bottom line is Professional sports is all about entertainment, and our Management certainly has been entertaining us all this summer.....Drop the puck and lets see how it all shakes out

.....If the Flyers play well and win their Division is Homer and crew a bunch of geniuses ? Or are they just lucky like a blind squirrel who finds a nut once in awhile ?
Jester would vote squirrel
(Yes I can predict the future!)

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