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Originally Posted by 4th Line Grinder View Post
First of all, there is no one on our roster who even remotely resembles Jeff Skinner. Your talking about a player who might end up as a 40/40 guy in his 2nd season.
Secondly, if I had to chose a player on our roster for a possible breakout season, the obvious choice would be McDonagh. He has terrific speed,tremendous balance and exceptional lower body strength. He is a stud who will be our best defenseman for years to come and I firmly believe that he will become one of the top defensive defensemen in the league in a few years once he gains additional experience. Watch his game closely for all the little things he does so effectively and you'll agree with my assessment of him.
He will become an all star for his performance on the ice and not because he's Eric and Jordan Staal's brother.
Could you explain that last point there. There are a lot of implications and none of them make sense except that you're obsessed with other teams players while constantly and incorrecting underselling your own teams.

Anyway to stay on point I also think McD. He's got strength and speed you can't teach easily and offense aside if he uses it to becoe an even better defenseman we're going to have two amazing shut down lines. Ok well if he pulls that off I guess it will be another year down the line so I guess the most likely choice is Artie.

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