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08-04-2011, 09:03 AM
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Originally Posted by predfan98 View Post
I agree with Glenn. If he wants to leave , fine. And from everything that happened, he probably does. Build around Suter.
Weber gives me the uncomfortable feeling of a"prove it to me" attitude and I frankly don't believe what he says about Nashville. I just hope it doesn't carry over into the locker room
I felt this way until I read the presser comments yesterday.

Aftewards I think the biggest issue is likely that he wants a lot of money up front and poile doesnt have it to give right now, so we got a one year deal. Poile went to arbitration hoping to save as much money as he can, and i suspect Weber understands and isnt going to hold it against him in the long run.

I think Shea would like to stay, all other things being equal, but he also wants to get paid according to his talent, he isnt going to give us a big hometown discount, and he does want to see where this team is heading.

By next summer, I believe Shea will have either see enough that he is comfortable staying and poile will have arranged the finances to be able to accomodate him, or it will be obvious to all that he cant stay long term and will be traded.

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