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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
Richards was a FREAK OF NATURE in the 2010 playoffs.

Flashes of Primeau 2004 even though he wasn't leading our team in points.

God that entire Montreal series was a work of perfection for Richie.
I don't like the Flyers.

I don't agree with most of what Shafer says, usually.

He is right about Richards in that Montreal series. The impact a player has on a series is not necessarily only obvious in points totals.

As far as the current topic: The Flyers gave away key components of a Cup contending team that they didn't necessarily need to give away. Bryzgalov was the only thing missing from the last two playoff runs for the Flyers to win at least one Cup. Rather than people believe Richards and Carter were these huge locker room cancers, believe that a team rotating 3 goalies in a single playoff series is what hurt the Flyers. When your team has no confidence in their goalie, and that seemed quite obvious on the ice, then you are just going to lose.

I think that Philly received a lot of tremendous potential for the future that could help this team down the road. It also seems likely that Philly took a step backwards to do so. Your team with Carter, Richards and Bryzgaov, even without Leino, would be far more terrifying to meet in the playoffs. Right now? You are a good team that looks like it can be beat more easily than otherwise based on the trades.

Of course, that is why we play the games! Let the season begin, already!!

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