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Originally Posted by txpd View Post
they cant afford ovechkin, period. secondarily, they cant afford the complimentary players and ovechkin would be a waste in the style of play that team's budget dictates.
you are assuming that nashville would get the 55 goal MVP Ovechkin. its more likely they would get the 30 goal OV that we saw last season and would be stuck paying him $10m per. they would not take ovechkin in trade for weber.

argue that if you want to, the fact remains that getting green signed would be as difficult for them as getting weber signed. if they cant afford to keep weber, why would they choose to replace him with green? it makes no sense. this is why they would want carlson. the caps could not afford from a salary cap perspective to trade weber for carlson.
Absolutely they'd take Ovechkin for Weber!

Their attendance would instantly skyrocket as would their budget one would suspect. They would get lots of "face time" on TV and that will do nothing but good.

Ovechkin is why the Caps have sold out all their games for a few years now. Make no mistake about that. All the other guys are good players and we'd still be a good team but their would be a dip in attendance and merchandise sales.

Ovechkin is a marketting dream and his value transcends what he does on the ice.

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