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08-04-2011, 10:30 AM
thomas magnum
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Here is how it's gotta go down for all 3 of them to be kept on the team and the team the be remotely competitive....

They are all going to have to meet and realize that they will have to take a small pay cut to keep all 3 together. It's the way they have to do it up in Detroit. I'm not saying that all of their players get together and make a group decision. But if you want to stick together then you have to be willing to take a little less for the team to afford more talent.

This is what I see them being worth on the free market.

Weber - 8 to 10 a year
Suter - 6 to 7 a year
Rinne - 4.5 to 6 a year

I think they all have to take close to the low end of what they could get on the open market in order to leave this team with enough payroll to be competitive.

That leaves:

Weber - 8
Suter - 6.5
Rinne - 5

Can this team commit 19.5 to 20 mil to 3 players and still have enough money left over to pay a competitive team?

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