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08-04-2011, 03:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Enoch View Post
The only thing that I can speculate on, if what each side is saying is true, is that Poile offered a long-term deal with the first two years gradually rising (say 5.5, then 6.5) into the UFA years we buy up say 3-4 more years at (7, 7.5, 7.5, 7.5). In that case, I could totally buy the agent and Weber saying, "No, we want to be here long term, but he deserves to be paid now....and we will prove it in arbitration." I think Poile's offer of 4.75 million would indicate this is at least potentially possible. However, I must state that both Poile and Weber's comments, plus the fact that negotiations were ongoing heading into the hearing is at least positive. Maybe it was simply too hard to break entrenched positions at that point. Poile has not had a great negotiation record with past players. He had a pretty nasty contract negotiation with Hamhuis, and we even managed to piss off Steve Sullivan a few years ago as well (he was headed to arbitration too).

Anywho, just a thought.
This seems the best explanation I have seen that would explain most of the events on record. In fact, I wish I would have thought of it-- totally logical when you remember DP said something to the effect of they could not agree on "term, length, or structure" of a contract. All speculation, of course, but seems plausible...

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