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10-22-2003, 01:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Bodo
Wasnt Johanson the only top 6 forward the avs were supposed to have in their system? All of the other guys may be good 3rd or 4th line guys but none have top six potential. i seriously dont understand that.

He was the only guy who really got media attention. I'm not surprised the Caps wanted a two-way rookie forward, but I would've at least waited until he had rehabilitated completely, it's unusuall for a team to deal for an injured rookie unless they think he's really going to make an impact. I hope the guy recovers and does well though!

Johansen was supposed to be our only top 6 guy, but Svavtos came up and goined him (Not for long though).

I know it seems like they are dealing away their forwards like cards, but you have to remember than forwards are the easiest replacable commodity through the draft. There are twice as many forwards than defenseman by default. Lastly, Colorado still has a bunch of defenseman in Hershey.

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