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Originally Posted by Helpoing View Post
Neftyanik, VMF and Dynamo all have a team in the MHL-A: Bars, SKA-1946 and HK MVD, respectively.
I can not agree with you. These MHL teams you mentioned are juniors of AK Bars, SKA or Dinamo Moscow. Neftyanik, VMF and Dynamo are their VHL farms. Similar situation is with Salavat Yulaev and Toros - both clubs have MHL teams (Tolpar or Batyr). VHL rules say that every russian club (farms also) has to participate in MHL. Problem is "battle FHR vs MHL" in my opinion. Another situation could be with Ak Bars, they should have two teams in MHL, Bars in MHL A and second one in B-division.

And Kristall Saratov will have an MHL-B team: Kristall Berdsk (which already participated in a pre-season tournament a few days ago).
I thought they are two different clubs.

KS are out of VHL, but Efimov confirmed that they will wait for an MHL-B team until the very end (early September, iirc). No idea about other clubs: Sarov, YUO, Sputnik, Ryazan, Ariada.
I know about KS... but my latest info from MHL does not say anything about their participation in MHL B. I have to ask one more time.

EDIT: And what about Donbass?
According to my information they wont participate in MHL next season. They dont have to, not russian team. I heard that they would like to join MHL later. Who knows?

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