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Originally Posted by Outside99 View Post
What I'm starting to think is, Canucks are lacking in role players, players that are there for a particular skill they have that our best forwards don't necessarily have or its not the best use of their ice-time.

For example, the only forward we have who can stand in front of the net is Kesler and you know what, that's probably not the best use of his abilities, not to mention that he takes a lot of abuse as a result.

So if a guy like Nolan can stand in front for 5-8 minutes a game esp. on the PP, take some abuse (which by definition means less for Kes) AND pot some goals (the AND is the key - that's why guys like Glass, Hordi or Debs are better described as plugs than role players), that's very valuable. The beauty of it is, the cap hit for these role players is usually low so you don't mind having 3-4 of them (ie forwards 11-14) inserted based on need.

Because if you look at the forward lineup, we have Kes, Burrows, Higgins, Raymond, Samuelsson, Hansen, Malhotra, Lappy and Sturm who play a similar game
(though at a different skill level). Which is fine by the coaching staff but maybe that lack of skill diversity is an issue in and of itself.
Great post! I think we are missing some diversity in our forwards. I'm not sure Nolan is the answer but I hope it is addressed.

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