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Originally Posted by GoChiefsGo View Post
I do realize that.

If he gets to that level, he will get my props. I don't see that happening at this point.
I expect a big year....

Erik Johnson has a message for the Washington Capitals and their fans who seemed a little too gleeful at getting the Avalanche's first-round draft pick next year as part of a recent trade for goalie Semyon Varlamov:

"It's not going to be a (high) pick. It's going to end up being a great trade for us. People are saying we got the short end of the trade and they're happy because they think we're going to finish at the bottom of the league and we're not going to do that this year," Johnson said.
Instead of the workouts in which, say, bench-pressing 315 pounds was a top goal, Johnson is focusing mainly on his lower body. He's squatting 500 pounds these days and concentrating on increasing fast-twitch muscle strength in his legs.

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