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08-04-2011, 05:30 PM
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I think our 3-4 year window begins next year.


Too young right now and we don't have a puck mover. But in 2012-13, the rookies/sophomores will gain both regular season and (hopefully) playoff experience, and I believe Del Zotto will finally be that puck mover that we need.


The older place holders Avery, Feds and Christ will be gone, replaced by Hagelin, Kreider and probably Weise (I think Thomas will need a year in the AHL). This will mean more speed, more energy and probably a little more offense too.

At LW, you have to assume that either MZA or Wolski will develop into a quality second liner, or the Rangers will acquire someone via trade or free agency. Either way, the LW issue should get resolved by then.

Brad will be more comfortable playing for the Rangers, and guys like Anisimov, Stepan and Boyle will be outright vets by then (young vets, kind of like Dubinsky, Callahan and Girardi last season).


Lundqvist will gain experience ... playing behind a team that can actually score 3 goals a night on a consistent basis. That will be totally new to him. In all seriousness, Lundqvist will continue to be Lundqvist. For a goalie, he's still young. He has another 10 years.

Finally, I think our window will be longer than 3-4 years. I think the Rangers are a young team with a lot of talent in the NHL and the farm, so they may well be good into the 2020s. Yeah, I said it.

We will have Lundqvist in the net and the team will be good enough that nobody will want to leave, I believe they would actually give us a hometown discount to stay. Sure, we'll lose a player here and a player there, but our farm is so strong that we'll be able to replace anyone except Lundqvist (and maybe Staal) without a major shock to the team.

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