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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Just to be clear, using Jordan as a baseline (since hockey and basketball are very similar sports), I take it we can assume that Jagr will lose about a third of his career average production.

Jagr's career average is 1.26 PPG. A third of that is .42 PPG. So, 0.84 PPG. A 68.88 point season.
Jordan was out of the league and not playing any type of competitive basketball or staying in shape for 3 years before he returned to the NBA. He was in a similar situation to Mario Lemieux. If you look at Jordan's physique in 1998 and then again in his return in 2001 you can tell he was nowhere near the level of fitness he used to be at when he was the game's best player.

Jagr on the other hand has been playing competitive hockey for the last 3 years in what is arguably the world's second best hockey league. He's also been training really hard and hitting the gym and is in the best shape of his career.

So although the NBA and the NHL are comparable enough in terms of season length, the comparison of Jordan- Jagr is not fair because one was not playing any sport for 3 years and was out of shape and had to get back into shape during the season, the other has been staying in great shape and has been still playing his sport competitively.

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