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08-04-2011, 10:08 PM
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Originally Posted by AlanHUK View Post
for the UK

1. Football(soccer)
2. International Cricket
3. International Rugby
4. Domestic Rugby
5. Domestic Cricket
6. Ice Hockey
Sixth? Ha!

1. Football.

(Giant gap)

2. International cricket.
3. Formula One.
4. International rugby union.
5. Boxing.
6. Tennis.
7. Golf.
8. Horse racing.
9. Domestic rugby union.
10. Domestic cricket.
11. Snooker.
12. Rugby league.
13. American football.
14. Darts.
15. Cycling.
16. Athletics.
17. Bowls.
18. Basketball.
19. Swimming.
20. MotoGP.
21. Rowing.
22. Netball.
23. Ice hockey.

That's just my rough guess of general interest in those sports countrywide. It's hugely debatable, I might have missed a few things out and maybe hockey being below rowing and netball is a bit unfair (though the Uni Boat Race attracts something like 7,000,000 viewers and participation from girls in netball will absolutely dwarf how many have played hockey), but it's certainly nowhere at all near sixth!

The fact we can pull together a professional league shows how sport-obsessed this country is.

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