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08-04-2011, 10:35 PM
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Originally Posted by FF de Mars View Post
The thing is that Lapierre by being a total troll incites the opposing team to crank it up physically while we have a speedy and technical team. Moreover, Lappy thinks he's Cammy, just look at the photoshop on HabzTv. He'd have the right attitude if he were top 6 (or at least his teammates and opposing players would accept it better), but as a bottom 6 guy, it doesn't work out great.
So what you're suggesting is to have a quiet and non-physical team? So that we put asleep every team we're playing against and then win everytime? There is one problem to this....The opponents aren't dumb and if they collectively, their coaches won't be and if both of them are....well they are bottom feeders, which we couldn,t care less about 'cause we are actually not trying to finish 12th but to battle for 1st place in the division.

Besides...what do you call Subban? Should we trade him too? Probably amongst the most hating player in this league for whatever stupid reason. A big troll for some. Isn't the guy who will fight either. And for some, that fits in the talk a lot, hides a lot category.....a troll.

Also, for whoever watches hockey in this whole NHL, maybe it's a little time to stop thinking we're just a speedy team. Technical? Yes. Thanks to Martin. And really opportunistic, a great goalie and a fine system. But all-around, this was not a speedy team on the backend. And up front, not exactly dynamos either. We're not the worst in that department, but no flying frenchman either.

As far as the attitude is concerned, I'm sorry but if players can't accept that francos might have more attention and they might have fun with it, well they don't understand the environment they're playing in. And if I'd be playing here but would love to have SOME privacy and some quality of life, I'd LOVE to have my frenchies on board so that they could take ALL the attention and let me do my own business and not be bother by the tons of journalists out there. Unless you are a player who loves the attention and is jealous of it. Pretty sure that doesn't exist.

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