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08-05-2011, 08:03 AM
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On paper the Sabres are definitely a scary team. But to be honest I think Boston Montreal and Buffalo are all scary teams with a top 9, good players that play two-ways and fairly good/above average D. Then when you factor in that the three teams have three of the best goaltenders in the NHL and Boston even has Rask as a backup.. wow this is going to be one hell of a season.

Also all three teams have veteran coaches who know their stuff. Jacques Martin probably being the one getting the least credit around these parts.

My favorite of the three is definitely Lindy and as far as I can remember the Sabres have always been a darkhorse team against us that used to steal games against us. I still remember as a kid the Sabres winning a game 4-3 against us where the goal happened with like 0.05 sec left on the clock! (Back then they had that black and white box with the time on it and it was at 0.1 turning to 0.0 when the puck crossed over)

I love this division because it makes for some exciting hockey. The leafs always pick up their game when playing us too and Ottawa until recently was solid as well.

So we basically have 3 teams with elite goaltending and solid coaching with a top 9 (not 6). Then we have 1 rebuilding team and 1 team looking to make the push for 8th place this year.

I've always liked the Sabres because I find in a lot of ways we're similar teams.

On paper I think Sabres are better but I just think because we have such a "team" team that plays by a committee of offense, we may be the better team in the end in the points category. Personally I think all three teams have a huge chance to be 1st or 3rd in the division.

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