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08-05-2011, 08:31 AM
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Originally Posted by chip chipperson View Post
they dont need a warrant
To come inside your house they do, without you inviting them. If you say "come on in" then yeah they can come in and then pretty much search your entire house. If they force their way inside without a warrant and without your permission, then anything they might find (drugs, etc) is inadmissible as any kind of evidence.

however if you push one of them even if they're in your house illegally you're still ****ed.

Never worth touching a police officer in any way even if they're doing something blatantly illegal...

Avery's problem is that it sounds like he went outside to talk to them, and once you do that you kinda get stuck. Yeah he didn't violently assault anyone, just wanted to go back in his house, but if he never left his house then it wouldn't have been an issue at all.

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