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08-05-2011, 10:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Tusk View Post
Sabres pretty much own the Habs lately and are the last team I'd want them to meet in the playoffs. I know, here come the stats, but always a hard victory for the Habs.
Yeah because going 50/50 most of the seasons... they own us..

At least chose your words better, because as hard it is for us to win against them, we do win half the time, and they also have a hard time beating us and win about half the time.

This is like the myth that kept being thrown around by the media that the Panthers was one of our black beasts, even when the season before we were 2-1-1, and in the season they kept repeating that, and then the Habs won something like 5-1 or 4-0.

Tight series = own us...

I just don't get that.

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