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08-05-2011, 10:49 AM
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Originally Posted by LeafsFan2342 View Post
Not really but it doesnt look like he'll fit in in the next couple years.

I did. Have you noticed how Kings fans keep saying they want a 3rd line winger in the boards. Well you get a solid one with Armstrong. Then you get MacArthur to replace Penner when he's gone (or now seeing as he's not very good). Then you get Grabovski as well to centre the 2nd line with MacArthur and Brown/Williams. Then you get to 2nd rounders. Dont worry buddy, I was thinking about your teams needs.

Wow. Your just like Montreal fans, once a player is no longer wearing your jersey, they instantly become garbage in your eyes. Schenn was the #1 ranked prospect by most people, hockey writers and sports networks and still is. Wayne Simmonds is probably one of best 3rd liners in the league. Then you threw in a second, which rarely ends u being quantity, and not quality. And when Schenn's fully developed, he's probably gonna be a Richards-type player, just with a higher skill level.
For the first bold, in what world would a team give up their best player to fill a 3rd line role?

In the second bold, no one is saying Schenn or Simmonds is junk, just that Mike Richards (right now) is better. We all still love Schenn and Simmonds, and wish them well. As far as Schenn becoming Richards, most Kings fans believe he probably will, but we want to try and win right now, not 3-4 years down the line when he might be. How can anyone deny the Kings got MUCH better in that trade and that it was fair for both teams.

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