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08-05-2011, 12:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Prustqvist24 View Post
It's really not a big deal.

Chances are somebody was using drugs at the party and Sean shoved the cop out of the doorway, slammed the door, told everybody to clean up their **** and then re-opened the door.

And it's a shove. Relax people. Sociopath is extremely overboard. This doesn't make Sean Avery a bad guy. He probably ends up paying bail and having to go to trial because he saved a friend or guest from getting arrested as well. It is true, everything he does is amplified. With the reactions I've seen today (here and main board) you'd think Sean Avery beat the cop within an inch of his life. A shove. Get over it. He'll pay the proper penalty and that's that.
It's a pattern, and a distraction to a class organization. As a partier myself, I get it...not a big deal, in and of itself.

Oh and he sucks at hockey, now. Not worth the sideshow.

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