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08-05-2011, 11:20 AM
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My God everyone is SO soft. He's a sociopath!? Get real. He's a distraction? What, because he got arrested under circumstances that we're relying on TMZ to tell us about? What world do some of you live in?

Oh Jeez, a gossip rag that exists to prop up a horrendous television show said Avery disrespected the LAPD, possibly the most notoriously crooked and unscrupulous PD in America, it's all over now! No one will ever respect the Rangers again!

All sarcasm aside we know so little about the situation. The LAPD is not a bastion of civil law enforcement by any stretch of the imagination. I'm not saying that all members of the LAPD deserve the treatment that Avery gave them but I am saying that its not at all impossible that they came to him with a less than congenial attitude themselves and/or were just as rigid and unfriendly as he was. Does that allow one to treat them that way? In my opinion, yes, if you're willing to deal with the results, which will likely be very, very small for Avery. I hate this idea that the police are always right no matter what and if you disrespect them you're a bad person no matter what. They're people just like everyone else and in many cases they're in the wrong. Being able to pass a police test and wear a badge doesn't make you a perfect person. Let's see how the details shake out from a real news source - not one that primarily addresses Hollywood BS.

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