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08-05-2011, 11:29 AM
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I totally understand what you guys are saying. & like i said, it was just for fun to have been able to have seen 2 different colors used & I didnt really want to give up the green so blue was the only other logical choice to try.. I was thinking of requesting green & orange but that didnt seem to have the right look & the blue just kind of made sense as being lake blue..

I still dont think that it looks bad though. Yes obviously the shades of colors would need to be tweaked & some extra detail work would be needed but considering it was just for fun to see & the fact that people whipped them up for me really quickly I thought it was cool just to see, thats the only reason I posted it..

Im not lobbying to change our colors or anything, again, it was more me just being curious. Thats all.

I love all the jersey concepts, even if they're bad they give us something to talk about in the offseason. By all means, if someone has the time & skills to do some of the suggestions you guys made I'm all for seeing them!

BTW - I did think that the state of hockey logo looked pretty slick in blue & green.

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