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08-05-2011, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Hellion View Post
Yep, that makes it OK, right?

If thats the case though I'd love to be in the room when he explains to the heads of NYR that the reason he was arrested for shoving a police officer was that he needed to buy time so that his guests could get their dope out of the way.
God, people on this site act like they have never partied a day in their life.

Do any of you even live in the real world? At SOME point in your life, whether it was high school, college, early 30s, you knew people who used a variety of drugs to party and you didn't condemn them and call the cops on them. You probably partied with them, or were at least part of the same crowd and got along amicably. Just because someone at Avery's party might have been doing something, it doesn't necessarily reflect poorly on Avery. That's what happens at parties in real life. People here ARE soft. It's a little disturbing how PC and proper you guys are.

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