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08-05-2011, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by funghoul View Post
this is true but maybe since in the meantime clarke gave him his vote for the hall of fame it makes him think twice about comin back. Its an outdoor game. itd be will johnny leclair and he needs to get over things that were said. his entire legacy and most of his fortune were created with the flyers. So we almost killed him on a flight back from nashville, water under the bridge. i just want to see if the legion still got it cause if they do theyd make a hell of a 3rd line this year.
Great point brought out here... For Lindros to have any legacy beyond Juniors and The Trade it must come through... or at least be tied to... the Flyers Organization.

For better or worse, if Lindros wants to have a serious NHL legacy he must be wed to the Flyers... or else his stats and accomplishments will have to suspend in he air and be stand alone numbers... a not associate with games/series wins. On and off the ice he and the Flyers are forever linked.

That being said, if Lindros is to ever really get his due, he must IMO mend the burnt bridges that he was a partner in destroying... They Flyers have put out their hand for him to shake in the Spectrum Captaincy tribute invitation, and Clarke has given his support for HHoF consideration. The Flyers have recently began to include #88 in opening and between action video clips at the WFC after years of ignoring he ever existed. I believe the Flyers will make another move of some sort, and Eric would be wise to accept it... if he wants to salvage his legacy...IMO.

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