Thread: Confirmed with Link: Stars sign Michael Ryder (2 years, $3.5M)
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08-05-2011, 01:46 PM
Troy McClure
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Originally Posted by piqued View Post
Not deceiving at all if it's applied properly. Benn isn't some 3rd or 4th liner that I'm projecting and prorating to the moon. He played 2 minutes less per game at even strength than Richards. And that includes the entire season. I bet he was getting right up around the same 16 minute mark per game down the stretch that was the norm for Richards when Crawford was relying on him (and he was delivering). Then add to that the fact that Benn had a higher 5v5 QUALCOMP than Richards and it's completely appropriate to project his rate scoring as holding at that level at the very least. And once again, I'm not discounting Richards' PP points, just saying that when one guy plays 3 more minutes a night with a man advantage than another, well, there's one place to look to account for a discrepancy.
The problem with equalizing the two is that a fairly close 5v5 and even a fairly close PP points per 60 minutes (which was something of a down year for Richards probably thanks to his blow to the head) doesn't equalize the two overall. Like you said, Richards got an extra three minutes a game of PP time. That's going to lead to a lot more points at the end of the year.

Even if they both have the exact same production per minute played, the guy with the extra minutes will still produce more. Since Benn won't get those extra three minutes of PP time a game, it's not right to look only at a production per 60 minutes stat and ignore the actual time played.

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