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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
I have zero respect for Theodore. My brother is intellectually handicapped so naturally the habs do a lot of charities to benefit special needs kids. Growing up I got to meet all the current and past players and some real greats. The only people who were ever ****** bags:

Jose Theodore
Shane Corson (used to idolize this guy as a young kid too)

These two guys were just murdering the buffet and ignoring all the kids at the event I went to. Laughing it up and pretty much partying acting like big shots. It was a ****ing charity event for kids for ****s sake.

From that point forward I thought Theo was a ****** bag and same for Corson. Some people from the habs "team" actually had to come over and tell them to stop sitting on their ass and go sign autographs etc

Whenever it was Saku or one of the other guys they were always great and looked happy to be there. Even the ones who were more shy than others. Honorable mention goes to Guy Lafleur too. I think it would kill that guy if he ever smiled at one of these events. I understand they're rich and they have to take the time out of their "important" day in order to do this but would it kill them to be the least bit professional?

With Guy at least he didn't act like a ***** he just looked annoyed. With every other play I've met I have nothing but good things to say. Beliveau, Henri Richard, plenty of others from back in the day were always more than happy to not only sign autographs but even talk hockey with you. I was pretty impressed with how nice a guy Henri was when I was a kid growing up. (Would stand there and talk hockey with you for a long while if you'd approach him)

He was a very open and friendly person. I don't have huge expectations but when you're doing a charity event for kids stop doing your coke binge at 11 the night before instead of 5am and don't act like a dick when these people who idolize you are coming to see their hero. (Not really implying that they were just pissed off with the way they acted)

As a kid finding out somebody you idolize is just a total *****, it just sucks.
I've lived in St-Bruno a long time, had many friends around there, Ste-Julie and St-Basile, have encountered Theo many times and his reputation over there is exactly what you said.

Met Koivu once, very reserved, but also very kind, and I knew people who were saying he was smaller than 5'10 were full of it, as I'm 5'11 and we were about the same height. Koivu really had it hard from many fans and journalists over the years (even DeFoy still complained about his lack of being forthcoming with Journalists when Cole signed with us, I mean, get over it dude), it's a surprise that he lasted that long and a testament of the strong character he has. He wasn't perfect, but he was far from as bad as a lot of people made him out to be.

Not surprised about Lafleur either. Saw him in person 2-3 years ago, such a bitter old man.

The one guy I met, who I thought was really great is Mike Bossy, when I lived in Boisbriand. That guy is just really great in person. Smilling, friendly with everyone, really down to earth. He really seemed to appreciate what life has given him.

I also saw Roy at the St-thérese La Cage in the early 90s, taking a beer on several occasions at the bar, was too young and intimidated at the time to come up to him and talk, but he seemed, I don't know, kind of an ass with people. Never smiled the several times I saw him.

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