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08-05-2011, 04:27 PM
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Originally Posted by 29dryden29 View Post
Not to sound demeaning but why oh why do your owners rely so heavily on Rev sharing to make money? If they are that worried then maybe it is time to raise ticket prices spend a little more money on salary ice a true contender and see what the fan base thinks then. Rather than cheap tickets low payroll and 10 mil a season from the other teams. Our fans are screaming because mgmt still has 6 mil or so till we are at the cap and we want them to go out and get someone else. We want out owners and management to spend the money alloted by the cap every season. I miss the non cap days.
Wow, really? A team that has been around for over 100 years, and exists in a city that has more than double the population of Nashville (and is also the second largest city in its country automatically making it a huge media market) can spend to the cap? Any more insight into the world of hockey? Do tell...

We want our owners to spend to the cap, too. Most of us understand why they cannot. It doesn't mean we are happy about it. It means we are educated about the situation, and have resigned ourselves to existing within it rather than unsuccessfully rebelling against it.

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