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08-05-2011, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by John Wayne Gretzky View Post
I love how high and mighty everyone here is about "stealing" I am assuming you have never shared an MP3 or downloaded a video? Get off your high horses.

I don't see how you think it is fair that You pay for an NHL package that doesn't come cheap and its OK to not be able to watch your home team because of some ******** loophole that has been closed by Comcast seems to want to play every card they have to prolong giving the channel to DTV or any other non Comcast / Verizon service.

I am in a situation where Comcast and Verizon are not an option for me. I live in a commercial space (its a converted warehouse with Loft / Studio Apts) and We cannot get either comcast or Verizon without paying a fortune (what sports bars etc. would have to pay them) so I am left with DTV as my only option which means If I dont use that loophole that has just been brought up I have to resort to streaming the game from my laptop to my TV which looks like **** or go out and waste money at a bar to watch the game.
no need to defend yourself ..... Comcast brought this on themselves. Comcast could have decided not to invoke the loophole, and allowed CSN Philly to be PAID FOR by DTV / other competitors ... at least they would be making some money from us.

but, no, they would rather rake in the money while they still can drag their feet in this, piss off more of their own customers in many cases

too bad. I pay in full for DTV / Center Ice. I get all Flyers games. and Comcast doesn't get a dime for my hockey coverage.

boo frickin hoo.

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