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Originally Posted by kypredsfan View Post
How late does the metrolink trains run? A whole slew of us are joining even a bigger group of Preds fans on October 8th for the Preds/Blues game. I know my group is most likely staying at the Renaissance hotel. After the game, we will be at the Landing area and the casino's. Just don't know if trains run back across the interstate after say 2am? Also, how is the Anaheuser tour? That's in the plans before the game.
The tour is pretty good.
BUT, since its vacation, you should definitely splurge and go on the Beermaster tour. Cost $25 bucks per person. Pretty much everywhere that the normal tour stops, you get to continue beyond. And you get a private reception room afterward, complete with beer samples.

But the best part is that you get to sample some beer straight from a finishing tank. They give you a glass to use, but I stuck my head under the stream and drank it as fresh as can be. The tour guide thought we were all funny for doing it, but it was the start to my buddies bachelor party, so we didn't care.

VERY IMPORTANT: You must wear closed toed shoes on the tour, or they will not let you go. The tour actually goes on the packaging floor, and there is a chance of broken glass.

I've been on the regular tour about five or six times with various family and friends when they visit, and been on the Beermaster tour twice. It is WELL worth the $25.

More info here:

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