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Originally Posted by Kate08 View Post
Thanks for all the tips, guys!

I've lost 16 lbs so far by just changing what (and how much) I was eating. I feel like that momentum is going to start to slow down soon (in fact I think it already has), so I want to get into the gym to kickstart myself again.

I don't want to do some crazy workout that will have me swearing off the gym forever -- I have a friend that's a personal trainer and I had her work out with me once...after that I hated her and couldn't walk for 4 days.

I want to get in, get comfortable, and start to establish a routine for myself. THEN I want to kick it up even further and hopefully keep the scale going down.
Hey guys, great thread. Don't pay as much attention to losing weight. Body fat is what you wanna lose.

The 3 main components to do so are.

1. Strength train, as mentioned strength training builds muscle, which in turns burns more calories just to maintain itself

2. Calories in vs Calories out. 3500 calories in a lb of fat, so a deficit of 500 calories per day will lead to 1lb lost per week.

3. Eat 1G of protein per lb of lean body mass.

They are the key ingredients. Cardio will help increase the caloric deficit along with other benefits like increased HDL cholesterol, lowered LDL cholesterol, better heart health in general, improved lung capacity and on and on, but if you're looking to lose weight, look to lose fat, not weight and ensure strength training is a top priority.

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