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09-28-2005, 02:30 PM
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I'll just make a short sum up of that article, since it's pretty long and only deals with a quite uninteresting pre-season game, 35AllTime.
For the record, the Swedish SEL started this monday, Frölunda lost 1-3 at Modo (Salos club last season) yesterday...
With Tommy Salo on the ice, Frölunda plays at its worst. 2-7 against HV71 was a horrible effort.
- I asked Salo for an excuse after the game, says Frölunda forward Tomi Kallio.
Salo played when Frölunda lost to Malmö (1-5) in the last game. Weary legs then, after the big game against Linköping.
This thursday it happened again - weary legs. And with heads which weren't very alert.
- I guess we were already thinking of tuesday's game, Kallio said, meaning the SEL-premiere game against Modo.
- Maybe we played a bit too careful, to avoid injuries.
In the first period, Frölunda indeed played carefully.

Coach Stephan Lundhs comment was right on target:
- Sadly, HV71 didn't have to play very well to score.
0-1 after 35 seconds, Mika Hannulas great goal was significant for the game.
And so it continued. 0-4 after the first period, Salo helpless over and over again,
Frölunda was so outclassed that...
- ...I've never seen anything like it, not during my time as a coach, Lundh said.
And then there was Tommy Salo, who had such a tough season last year.
Leaving the goalie without backup during two games in a row is a not a good way
to build his confidence.
- I felt sorry for Tommy, Kallio admits. The loss is in no way his fault.

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