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08-05-2011, 09:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Le CH View Post
I'm up in Lab City about once or twice a month... I'll bet I work for the same company that is looking to hire you. Send me a PM with any questions you might have re: the town or company.

PS. At all the posters poking fun... I love Montreal and everything but get off your high horse. Most Montrealers are very ignorant/narrow-minded about regions north of Quebec City and apparently quite happy to put their narrow-mindedness on full display in the thread.
That's a blatant generalization for someone preaching open-mindedness. You have to agree that "Labrador City" sounds straight out of South Park or something (you know, Canada has one city, one bank, one of everything and it's all called "of Canada").

I have to agree that the "why name a place where no one lives" comment was lame, but that's just one guy.

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