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08-05-2011, 11:29 PM
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Originally Posted by ATLhockey437 View Post
Thats a really harsh and classless thing to say, especially as a moderator. All over a bunch of rumors and your wishing that potentially some players on your team now to go to hell? Just be glad you at least have a team. Even if this was true, last time I checked, it wasn't in these players power about the move so I guess lets send them to the gates of hell for not being the most excited about it.
I don't want to speak for anyone else however I think I know where Jet was going with his post.
If a player wants out of Winnipeg because the team is located in Winnipeg (which is how I understood the statement) then I think his statement is accurate. We want players who want to be here, I don't want a player who is coming in with such a negative preconception of winnipeg that he'd want out before engaging in team activities and experiences the new culture.
TNSE understands there could be issues in attracting player to Winnipeg but why keep players around that have no desire to see the city and the ownership before wanting out? These are not the high character people we want on our team. IMO.

Also I don't think being a moderator prohibits him from having an opinion. He post wasn't anything ridiculous

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