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08-05-2011, 10:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Proto View Post
Outside perspective here with a couple comments.

What Weber wants in terms of salary length/structure does not "make it impossible" for the Predators to make "improvements" provided they're willing to spend more money to ice a superior product. I think last time I looked the Weber deal puts the Predators right around the cap floor. They could spend an additional 15 million dollars -- or, more appropriately, probably about 7 million, reserving the rest to re-sign players next summer.

My opinion would be that Weber wants them to spend that money before he's going to commit. Teams that spend to or around the cap floor simply haven't fared well in the postseason in the salary cap era. Sure, a team could win, but under-spending makes the likelihood of that extremely low.

If Weber is serious about winning being his priority, then wouldn't he want the ownership/management group to be equally serious? The Predators are run with exceptional efficiency, but they're unwilling or incapable (to this point) of taking that next step to compete with big market clubs.

Also, to those frustrated by silly proposals, just keep in mind that I think a majority of hockey fans probably don't think those "po' lil' Predators" can't afford to pay Weber 7.5 million. They're probably just not articulating what I said above about what Weber might see as "necessary" to re-sign.

In a lot of ways the Predators last year reminded me of my Canucks in 06-07. Great defensively but needed to make an aggressive move to ignite the offense, something the previous management group failed to do. When Mike Gillis arrived he made the (in)famous Sundin offer and has really targeted a strong transition game.

Obviously I'd love to see Weber in the Blue and Green, but short of that I hope you guys manage to hold on to him
The team is only going to spend to the midpoint for revenue sharing reasons ... so there isn't 15mil, there's maybe 8mil additional to spend .... possibly up to 9.5mil with a big bump to the cap. Going beyond that starts to jeopardize the financial health of the team and for those of us who lived through the summer of 2007, we don't want that again.

Another 3 for Suter and 2 for Rinne takes up 5 mil of that available money. 4.5mil to bring in this help he's demanding and pay the kids coming off of EL contracts isn't a lot. There's a little wiggle room by letting guys like Tootoo move on, but, moves like that only open up a couple of million after signing less costly replacements.

Quite simply, tying up over 1/3 of our available cash in three players makes it almost impossible to bring in the type big name offensive help Shea seems to be demanding.

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