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08-05-2011, 11:29 PM
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Originally Posted by BluelineHammer View Post
I don't know why everyone is going so crazy about this:

First, MDZ is not becoming a fighter, nor is he planning to fight more often, he is just adding more skills and knowledge to becoming a more complete player. What if Kovalchuk gets up on that play and goes to drop the gloves with him? What do you want MDZ to do, turtle? Or get beat up? Let him stand up for himself, he's a grown man.

Second, not so long ago we were all preaching that this group of guys needed to get team tough. But now that one of the guys is doing exactly that, why are so many crying about it?

And third and probably most important, what does learning how to fight have to do with playing defense? It's not one or the other, he can learn to do both, so why are there people saying he should learn to play defense and stop trying to learn to fight, why can't he do both?
1) Kovalchuk got housed by Gomez. I'm not that concerned about it. And it's funny you mentioned Kovalchuk specifically

2) Team toughness has so little to do with fighting its not even worth going on more about it. He should work on his play in the corners and in front of the net if it's really about team toughness. He could learn how to hip check if it's about team toughness. Even shot blocking.

Third, no one is saying it's one or the other, but there's only so many hours in the day, and Del Zotto needs to improve drastically in his own end if he wants to make something out of himself. He's got a decent frame and can skate, so he's got the physical tools to succeed. If he really wants to overhaul his game he should focus on one or two really important aspects that he needs work in. Fighting is not one of them. The last thing on his mind should be fighting. He has too many flaws otherwise.

We've seen flashes of toughness from him. The above video...and who can forget his game against the Canes his rookie year?

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