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Originally Posted by DubiSnacks17 View Post
lol, it's actually not too bad of a song.
Oh I beg to differ sir:

Lyrics to "Fix the Knicks:"
Everywhere I go
I hear everybody say
What you gonna do
to make that team play

Walk across the street
at 34th and 6th
Yelling from the cars, “hey man fix the Knicks”


Fix the Knicks
and make them shine
Get’em to win like its ’69
Hittin’ all their free throws and no more shooting bricks
Time to get it right
and fix the Knicks

Doing my best,
yes, that’s my promise
I check with my friends, call Isiah Thomas
Pay no mind to those nasty critics
They haven’t the thing to fix the Knicks


Know they’re getting Melo, we spare no expense
They score a lot of points, but where’s the defense
Everyone’s an expert
so trade your draft picks
You gotta get this guy
to fix the Knicks


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