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08-06-2011, 05:32 AM
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1. Washington - Will beat up a weak division more than Buffalo can beat up their's.
2. Buffalo - They're gonna win the cup this time.
3. New Jersey - Will prove last year was a blip.
4. Pittsburgh - Injury issues will keep them from the top again.
5. NY Islanders - They're going to ride a strong offense and a lethal PP, will see a similar turnaround that the Caps saw from 06-07 to 07-08...may have the highest GA of all the 8 playoff teams but could very well post over 250 goals and have the highest GF of all 8 teams....yeah....I said it....we might lead the East in goals scored.
6. Philadelphia - The Laviolette losing of his players and issues with management will continue to worsen with his 3rd team in 10 years, he will not make it through the season.
7. Boston - Thomas' play will fall off a cliff and they'll have the typical slow start following a Cup.
8. Rangers - They'll find a way to sneak in and play Washington yet again.
9. Tampa - As much a blip as New Jersey was last year they will be out of it from the get go this year for the most part thereafter. Boucher is another coaching casualty on the season.
10. Toronto - They'll continue their march back to respectability but fall about 4-5 points short.
11. Florida - Rangers 1999-2004 redux, head butting of numerous talented players and poor chemistry will result in epic fail. Dineen will survive the season though.
12. Ottawa - Meh
13. Carolina - Offense won't keep them afloat this season.
14. Montreal - Biggest disappointment by far in the East. Carey Price cannot save a team full of aging marginal vets and a few promising young guys. Martin has another bad ending in another city...he is the 3rd guy to be relieved during the season.
15. Winnipeg - Bad news, it'll take 2-3 seasons at least to clean that mess up.

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