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08-06-2011, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Jet View Post
Hi, I'm Bob McCown, I want ratings. I'll say any damn vague thing I want to get people to tune in or visit our website. Sports 'journalism' used to be taken as seriously as news. It has now sunken to a depth so vile I can't even stand it. I wouldn't give this meathead the time of day, or a buoy if he was drowning in Lake Ontario.

Garbage like this seriously pisses me off because you know what? Now we will have a 40 page thread on how no one wants to come to the cesspool known as Winnipeg based on nothing but the baseless musings of some moron, and in the end, McCown gets what he wants - people talking about him and more exposure.

Here is where you are wrong. Do you know what the fan 590 ratings are and his show in particular are in Canada? Many dislike Mcown, but don't kid yourself he is very well connected in certain circles. Whether it be Beeston, Gillick, Cinnamon, Burke, and some owners in the NHL, and executives in MLB. I'm not suggesting what he said was correct, but what I will debate is that it is was certainlly not an attempt at ratings and like him or not, he does have legit contacts in high places in the world of sports.

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