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Originally Posted by A Pointed Stick View Post
Everyone? Not quite.

He has to show some value over the first part of the season which means playing for us. Given Rick's previous season I see Evgeni and Montoya being 1 & 2 unless you think Garth loves that paper bag he has to wear every time Rick
needs a forklift to get up from the ice. He'll get his starts, and he will have to show value. This will take at least the first quarter of the season, then add in the odd goal tending injuries that inevitably strike a couple of starting goaltenders and he will get moved. If tragedy strikes the Islanders, meaning Montoya gets injured long term, then you can push the timetable back to the
Winter deadline.

Or a bad GM could trade for him earlier. I can't guess what those MM types will do all the time because they operate on a plane of insanity that few of us rarely spend time on. I'd give that a 1% chance of happening. I'd normally give a 1% chance that Wang could fall in love with the guy for doing his grand kid's homework and
keeping him here longer but Rick is likely all over that one whispering in Uncle Charlie's ear about his teammate rival.

Haha, the forklift joke was priceless!

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