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Originally Posted by Jester View Post

Gretzky played til he was 38 and put up 62 pts in 70 games, He remained more than good enough to keep playing if he wanted to.
When you're someone like Gretzky or Lermieux you have higher standards than anyone else.

I'm sure if Gretzky didn't have the bad back he would have been a PPG player at age 38 and he would have continued playing. If I recall Gretzky always tried to beat Howe's records (as Howe was his idol and was the player that everyone measured Gretzky to) and if he didn't have any health issues and knew he could have continued to be dominant passed the age of 38, he would have continued to play. Why not beat Howe's record of games played or even beat his record of having the best seasons after the age of 39? I'm sure Gretzky wanted to if he could.

Gretzky's regression and retirement did come sooner than expected. If not for his bad back he would have most likely continued to rack up the points even in his last season.

You just keep laughing at my arguments, it's making you look childish. Instead of actually reading what I wrote, you're just changing the topic and taking my arguments out of context.

Why is Selanne still playing? If a player feels he can still continue to play at a high level for longer and especially if they have a certain legacy to uphold, they will continue.

Why would guys like Lemieux and Gretzky continue playing if they thought they would be complete shells of their former selves? That's why they hung up their skates.

Jagr feels he can still play at a very high level, that high level is not 60-75 Pts as you claim. That might seem exceptional for your average 40 year old star like Hull, Oates, Francis even Selanne but Jagr is not your average star. He is easily one of the 15 best players of all time. He's a generational talent and he's not going to come back to the NHL to embarrass himself. You think he will be content with 60-75 Pts? I doubt it, but again what do I know, I'm just a delusional fan boy.

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