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Originally Posted by LatexiKledjut View Post
It draws rather large attendances, but is not popular amongst the mainstream public. It rather has a very fanatic core audience that makes it appear more popular than it really is.
I pressuma you´re speaking only about Sweden, right?

Well, I´m not going to speak about other countries into detail but I can speak for Slovakia and I think I can also speak about the Czech republic. In both countries between the mainstream public hockey is as popular even if not more popular than football. It hasn´t been uncommon for example for one fifth of the population to watch the WC or Olympics games. Sure, the hockey league in Slovakia isn´t that popular, but I´d say it is actually more popular than the home football league and I doubt anyone would call football a minor sport here. Also if you were to ask a random person on the street who for example Marián Hossa or Zdeno Chára is the majority would recognize the names (and they´d recognize them ahead of almost any football player) and I´m not speaking just about your "average Joe", but even for example a lady in her 40s or 50s as hockey and the hockey players are all over every media. And I don´t think there was anyone in this country that didn´t know that the IHWC was played here this year. The aspect where you could say that hockey is not popular in Slovakia could be too few people actually playing it, but in that case every team sport in Slovakia is a very minor sport, because all have numbers only as high and in most cases smaller than hockey. Football is the only exception, but yeah it´s cheap and easy to set up and when you look at the football league even that is a minor sport here. In the Czech republic I think it´s very similar except that especially their hockey league has a much better following....not sure about the attendances of their football league

As for the other countries, asides from football I doubt you´d find any other team sport that would be more popular than hockey in Russia, Belarus or Latvia. So xan you really call it a minor sport then?

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