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08-06-2011, 07:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Tonellisghost View Post
I think we are deep enough to make a deal that sent JJ away and absorb the loss without missing a beat. That said I am a big JJ fan and know that the Kings feel that he is a great up and coming young D.

As far as the op's proposal it is an interesting suggestion but the Isles would have to add something significant to make it work. Okposo is a great young talent who's best years are ahead of him but has had a couple of hit and miss seasons where JJ is getting better and better.

I don't hate the proposal but if we were to want to move JJ I believe that we would want and get allot more than KO in return. From the Isles pov I can't imagine them saying anything but yes because JJ is exactly what they need. If we were to move JJ for KO the isles would need to add a top prospect or a 1st and a little more which makes a deal unlikely.

We have several d prospects who can step in and by mid season by at the very least solid 5/6 players and likely 3/4's. Voynov as top pairing potential and would likely be a fit within a full season for replacing JJ. The exchange would be that we would gain offence and at best lose an equal amount of D. That isn't to say that VV isn't a competent D type but with his wheels and O skills it is only natural to expect him to give up D in favor of jumping into the O.

After him we have Greene's replacement in Muzzin who will be a superior stay at home type due to his offencive skills. I think that Muzzin could end up becoming a very solid 2nd pairing player who ends up being a clutch PMD type for us. He has always had great O skills and a bit of grit but now he has rounded out his D game well enough to where he is a very solid option for us.

NDes is a couple of years away from his cup a tea but is my favorite D in our system and is a top pairing type.

I also see Hickey becoming a second pairing PMD who like Muzzin and VV is ready to play in the NHL today. Of course each of these three will need the better part of a season to make the adjustment to the NHL game but like Amart will do well enough soon enough into their first full seasons to where they can completely cover the majority of their rookie mistakes and should turn into our young exceptional core of D for the next decade.

Of course the only way to really up their value to fair market is to get them ice time at the NHL level which is why I am sort of surprised to see DavisD still on our team. I like Davis and think he has a pretty good 3rd pairing NHL caliber game but he is completely redundant on our team and is the single road block on our development program.

I have to believe that DavisD will be either moved or moved up to a forward spot before the end of this coming season to make room for one of the kids or that we will move one of the kids without establishing what fair market value actually is for them before doing so.

Move JJ? we could but I would look at every option before I decided. I like KO but don't think a straight swap is fair enough. I wouldn't take NN, not that I don't think he is a very good young talent but he has a couple of skating issues and if you watch him closely plays with his head down too often for comfort imo.

He will overcome these problems and become a very good scoring winger imo but he isn't there yet and we are loaded for Bear so picking up an unestablished winger at this point is a pretty risky gamble.
so in other words you think the isles would need to add more in order to make it work.

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