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08-06-2011, 09:26 PM
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Originally Posted by The Chiddler View Post
I guess as a Leaf or Hab fan we just have a hard time grasping the concept of selling a promising young prospect purely for money in the owners pocket. It's not like the Preds are against the cap and need the space, and I imagine Shea Weber doesn't see it as a move to help his team win, especially since him and Franson are from the same hometown.

If the Leafs or Habs made this trade, their fans would not be happy.
You do realize that you know nothing about the ownership of the Nashville Predators or how they do business don't you? They are running the team on a budget that is lower than the salary cap, however that isn't because they are pocketing's because they want to run the business with a balanced spreadsheet.

What comes in goes out. Last season, revenues were running higher than projected, so Poile went to CEO Jeff Cogen and COO Sean Henry and told them that Mike Fisher was available from the Senators and that he'd be a great fit here in Nashville, however Poile didn't want to give up any roster players to get him (ie: Poile wanted to bring in a salary without making any cuts to the existing payroll). Cogen and Henry agreed with Poile that Fisher would be a great fit and went to ownership and told them that the revenues were on track to cover this expenditure and that they should allow Poile to make the deal. Ownership gave Poile their full endorsement and sunk the extra revenues immediately into improving the team on the ice. Guess what, it got us into the playoffs and past the first round for the first time in franchise history.

The Predators have committed local ownership that has grown up in Nashville, made their money in Nashville, and live in Nashville. They are doing everything they can to bring The Cup to Nashville while also minding that it's gonna need to be done on a budget for the time being so that NHL hockey stays in Nashville long into the future.

Franson was heading into his final year as a Predator. That's the truth and it has little to do with finances. He has been the most protected defenseman in the NHL the past two seasons and honestly is likely close to as good as he's going to get due to his lack of mobility. Franson has been passed by younger prospects within the organization that have higher talent ceilings and simply had more trade value to the Predators than worth.

Even if Lombardi returns to the Maple Leafs, it was not a contract we could afford to risk. Lombardi is a good guy, he has a young family, I hope he returns to full health. It was simply a budgetary decision based on the fact that LTIR does nothing for a team that doesn't spend to the cap.

I'll take the roster and payroll flexibility gained by the trade than keeping Lombardi and Franson on the roster for next season. It certainly isn't conventional or ideal, but it is what it is. That salary saved will go directly back into the team payroll and hopefully bring us a piece that fits better. IMO, it's a win-win.

BTW, anyone who thought Lebda was going to suit up for the Predators when this deal was made really has no clue about our organization. It was clear as day from the time this deal was made that Lebda would be bought out/waived/whatever, but would not be with the Predators when training camp opened in the fall...

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